Environmental Charter

We are committed to environmental sustainability and we want the food areas to reflect this. As we are all now aware, our planet is facing a climate crisis that requires all of us to work together to combat. Food and waste play a huge part in this, so we are working towards the following principles for all our street food activities. We want to make it as easy as possible for traders to be more sustainable, so we will support you to achieve these aims as best we can.


No single use plastic.

  • This includes plastic cutlery, stirrers, straws, polystyrene containers and plastic drinks bottles (cans are permitted).
  • We unfortunately cannot allow bio-plastic as we do not have the means to industrially compost this and it will contaminate the plastic recycling system.
  • Coffee cup lids will be allowed but must always be compostable and optional (do not provide as standard).


All take-away cups, serveware and cutlery must be compostable (paper or wooden) certified to BS EN 13432.


No single serve sachets.

  • For butter, spreads, condiments, sugar, salt, sauces, milk etc. please use bulk refillable dispensers instead.


An effective waste management system.

  • At the market, we will provide a comprehensive waste and recycling service that we would like all traders to take advantage of.
  • All general waste and recycling should be separated and put in the appropriate bin at the end of the day
  • All cooking oil should be sealed in containers and taken away after trading days. Oil should never be released into the water system, under any circumstances.



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