RIP Dinerama: the east London street-food hangout closes for good

By admin

After five years of bao buns, smoked meats and fusion tacos, east London street-food mecca Dinerama is set to close for good this weekend. The two-level hangout in a former truck yard at the foot of Great Eastern Street has been home to resident street-food traders, weekly DJ sets and plenty of parties over the years, but this Sunday (October 4) will mark its last hurrah.

Dinerama first opened as a spin-off to Dalston’s famous Street Feast. It helped propel street-food traders like Breddos Tacos and Smokestak into the public consciousness – both now have their own restaurants in the capital. Ten resident traders occupied the space on a fairly regular rotation over the years, but more recently, spots were taken by the likes of Yum Bun, White Men Can’t Jerk, Slice World, Raclette Brothers, Club Mexicana and Chin Chin Labs.

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