Restaurants offer vegans free food – top high street food deals this January

Convincing a mate to choose vegan options with you, or just ditching animal-based foods for a meal, means free food and big discounts at a whole host of high street chains this January

Last year more than a quarter of a million people signed up for Veganuary – and this year looks to be even bigger.

But while arguments rage over the benefits of a plant-based diet, one thing that’s certain is that – done right – it’s cheaper .

It’s something restaurants have now cottoned on to as well, as cafes and takeaway restaurants queue up to launch their latest vegan-friendly products .

And high street chains are going big on Veganuary deals too – to make it clear that vegans are welcome as well as getting people through the doors.

And that means whether you’re a committed vegan, have signed up for Veganuary or just fancy a break from steak, you can save some serious cash by choosing plant-based food at the moment.

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