Eco-conscious market opens in Buck Street, Camden Town

eco-conscious market in Camden Town

A zero-plastic policy, and food waste recycling are part of a new eco-conscious.

The 88 recycled shipping containers on the site of the old Buck Street market will house 80 ethical retailers committed to sustainable practices to reflect the ‘significant changes in consumer sentiment towards sustainability’.

A roof garden holding community events, yoga classes and workshops sits alongside hipster male grooming parlour Sweyn Forkbeard, and handmade children’s wear Dress Up Baby.Composted food waste from traders will generate energy that will be fed back into the power grid.

Maggie Milosavljevic, Commercial Director for LabTech who are behind the site said: ‘Being conscious of the impact we have on the planet should be at the forefront of every retailer’s strategy. We hope to set a new precedent not only for markets and traders, but also consumers: to start thinking more consciously about the environment and engaging in a positive change towards a better environment.’

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