Click and collect your street food with a new market service

By admin

Visitors at the Christmas market in Stratford are now able to try a new click and collect service being trialled by a local business.

Feast Streat – a Stratford event catering business – is encouraging customers to download its smartphone app from QR codes dotted around the market, which will be at Waterside on Thursday and Sunday evenings.

Visitors can then use the app to order their food from Feast Streat’s many food stalls at the market in advance.

The customer is then given a time and a pick-up point to collect their food. When the food is ready the customer can simply head to the pick-up point and get their order, instead of having to spend a long time waiting in a queue.

Ryan Patrick, commercial director of Feast Streat, said the idea came to him like a bolt from the blue during the first lockdown.

“I had a bit of a ‘Eureka’ moment,” he said. “Click-and-collect works in lots of other situations, so why can’t it be offered at outdoor events?

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