Street Food Markets was formed by a team of highly motivated creative team who have a passion for food, music and lifestyle events.
This is a new urban space rental business that enables pop-up restaurants, street food entrepreneurs and food trucks to trade at unique locations. Backed by the usage of social media, video and local support.

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Review: Bosphorus Kebabs – South Kensington

Review: Bosphorus Kebabs – South Kensington

If you are new to London, or Europe in general you may be shocked by the amount of kebab restaurants there are in the streets. Many of them seem to be the same, until you walk into Bosphorus Kebabs in South Kensington. Tightly placed between an American Dry Cleaning shop and key cutting shop, its well-weathered forest green awning still boasts character with the appealing “WITH NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES” tagline. Upon my arrival, I had quite the appetite and decided to order the extra large mixed shish kebab. While it did take a while to complete my order, it was cooked right on the spot and the man behind the grill had some conversation with me.

I paid around 10 quid for my meal, but I honestly did get a ton of food, and it did not disappoint! The delicious mixture of doner, chicken, and lamb kebab was boasting with flavour. Along with the meat, I had some spicy chili sauce, lettuce, onion, tomato and a fat glob of garlic sauce on the side. The meat was cooked perfectly. The chicken was juicy and tender with tons of turkish flavour. The salad and veggies were as if just picked off the farm. Overall, the meal was very filling and delicious.

This is the way that kebabs are meant to be cooked. If you ever find yourself roaming the posh streets of South Kensington and happen to find yourself walking along Old Brompton road with a growling stomach. Stop by Bosphorus Kebabs and you will leave with a full stomach and a smile on your face.