Street Food Markets was formed by a team of highly motivated creative team who have a passion for food, music and lifestyle events.
This is a new urban space rental business that enables pop-up restaurants, street food entrepreneurs and food trucks to trade at unique locations. Backed by the usage of social media, video and local support.

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Review: Afternoon Tea – Balthazar

Review: Afternoon Tea – Balthazar

Review – Afternoon Tea @ Balthazar


Famous for its tea and finger sandwiches, afternoon tea is more than just tea, its an event. My first experience with afternoon tea was at the eccentric Balthazar restaurant in Covent Gardens. Upon walking in, we felt as if we walked into a restaurant in the late 1950s. It was covered in flowers, huge mirrored walls, and it had very interesting toilets. We sat down and read the afternoon tea menu which was (surprisingly) only £30. Reviewing other places before coming here, some were £50+, so were were glad to see it was much cheaper here. Upon ordering, we each received our own teapot, a teacup, a small milk jug, and a glass filled with sugar cubes. I myself ordered a mint tea (was fighting a cold) and my partner ordered an earl grey tea. The tea was honestly nothing too special, it was good, but nothing extraordinary.


Next, We were finally brought the food, and wow, the presentation was great. As someone who has never had afternoon tea, this was definitely up to my expectations. We got many different finger sandwiches, these varied from egg mayo to chicken and apricot. The next level up, we had some scones, ones were plain and the others had raisins. On top of all of this, we were offered the dessert selection on top. The presentation was great, which leads us to the next element, The flavour.

Balthazar offered a good selection, but the flavours were not out of this world. The bread of the sandwiches was a bit dry and the fillings were nothing amazing. The scones were actually my favorite part, they were complimented well with the preserves and clotted cream. The desserts were also good, but again nothing special. They were all fruity and almost too sweet. Nonetheless, afternoon tea was more of an event than a meal, so we had a great time. If you are looking for a cheaper option for some afternoon tea in Central London, check out Balthazar