Gladiator Games – Guildhall Yard – 23rd August

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Bank Holiday spectacular brings gladiators back to the site of the city’s only Roman amphitheatre between the 25-28 August.

Take your seats and cheer on a sensational troupe of Roman gladiators as they battle for glory in a gripping 60-minute show. Take a side as gladiators emerge into the light of the arena, before roaring on your fighter, as steel swords, spears and armour clash. Will your favourite fighter be crowned champion?

Families can learn about Roman Londinium at our exclusive Roman festival before and after the performances. Enjoy craft making, music and merriment and handle real artefacts from the period with our experienced team of archaeologists and object handlers as Roman life takes place around you.

The Gladiator Games are performed by Britannia, renowned for its work on the Ridley Scott film, Gladiator and the BAFTA nominated CBBC show Horrible Histories. Each performance is the result of research into Roman times using coins, paintings, sculpture and mosaics, surviving commentaries and archaeological finds just inches above the remains of the original amphitheatre.

Please note this event aims to present a realistic portrayal of combat and as such contains scenes of simulated violence and bloodshed. May not be suitable for very young children.

Streetfoodmarkets will be providing street food and drinks on throughout the event.

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